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Andy D / Vern / Way Far Away Boyz

Andy D fancies himself the anachronistic love child of Punky Brewster and Lee Van Cleef – the perfect amalgam of a fictional rogue and a real-life badass. He plays music like he lives life and it sounds like Andrew WK meets Grand Master Melle Mel or Like Prince if he couldn’t sing that well and if he weren’t a hyper-talented multi-instrumentalist. This is what his music is all about: part epicurean hip-hop-dance songs and part sincere dance rock songs.

Vern are the weirdest "band" in Louisville. Imagine a cross between Kraftwerk, The State, and Gallagher and you'll be somewhere in the vicinity of what's gonna happen. Or maybe you're not even close.

Way Far Away Boyz are an enigma. They host Wayfarer Way on ArtxFM/97.1 WXOX and are gonna share their tunes with you live to get things started and keep the party going after. Some strange things are gonna happen. This has been promised.