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Night Train Cinema Lounge Presents: Nite Mare Frite Fest: Let the Right One In and The Children

Night Train Cinema Lounge is a new monthly film series at Kaiju (1004 E Oak St) that focuses on cult, weirdo, obscure, old, foreign and rare films of all eras. The films are free.

It's Nite Mare Frite Fest time! Featuring creepy kids! We're going to extremes with this one.

The films:

The opening film will be The Children (1980), starring Martin Shakar and Gil Rogers, directed by Max Kalmanowicz. This film, which for a long while seemed forgotten, follows a busload of kids that get engulfed in some radioactive gas and become adult-killin' zombies. Watch out for all the black fingernail polish and bad acting. Probably made for about $10. SO WORTH IT. 

The headlining feature will be Let the Right One In (2008), starring Kare Hedebrent and Lina Leandersson, directed by Tomas Alfredson. Arguably one of the best modern horror films made in the last 10 years, this flick that follows the bullied Oskar and the dangerous and secretive Eli, his new next door neighbor. LTROI unravels at a beautifully engaging pace that unveils Eli's horrifying true nature throughout the entire movie. In Swedish with subtitles. 

We will also be showing a short to start the night out, presenting Garfield's Halloween Adventure (1985). Come for the laughs, come for the treats, come for Lou Rawls.

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